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Taiyuan&Beijing dual-R & D Cente

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     To further enhance the research and development of coating additive including antisetting wax, leveling agents and thickening agents .We decide to upgrade R & D team to Beijing R & D center.In January 20, the Meitexiang R & D center established in SOHU New City, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
     Dr. Hong Chen has overall responsibility for R & D center in Beijing of scientific research and daily management.The research focus on the coating additives and ink additives, as well as compatibility with the resin. R & D center will work with nearby universities and research institutes to establish a closer technical cooperation, with a well-grounded theory and practice of experienced interdisciplinary team of Dr.and master, and the perfect experiments and analysis tools for further in-depth study of coating field.
     At the same time, Taiyuan R & D centers continue to be responsible by Dr. Li Lin. Research is mainly in plating theory, electroplating additives and electroplating additive intermediates.Research priorities are: trivalent chromium passivation, chromium-free passivation, aluminum film agent (passivation agent ), acid degreasing agent and zinc setting agents and all kinds of plating additives.
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