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Meitexiang new plant begins construction

News Source: Published Time:2009/3/22 16:33:24 Viewedr:2770
     Recently, the new factory foundation stone laying ceremony was held down of Taiyuan Meitexiang Technology Co., Ltd.It is located in Shanxi Lvliang Chemical Technology Development Zone, covers an area of 25 acres, the use of standardized factory building in the new factory, an investment 10 million yuan. Here will be fitted with a continuous sulfonation, polyester-based, as well as devices,such as universal in the pilot-scale plant.In addition to continue to expand the production of paint additives, methanedisulfonic acid series products, we will increase the production of organic siloxane, fluorocarbon surfactant. It is expected to be completed and commissioned in June ,2010.
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