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Rheological Additive

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Anti-settling thickening thixotropic additive is widely used in the production of coatings, printing ink, mainly include fumed silica, organic bentonite, castor oil and polyamide wax, etc, which polyamide compounds (polyamide wax) is widely for small amount addition and obvious effect. Due to the low conversion rate, many by-products and demanding special equipment ,for a long time, production of polyamides wax antisettling thickening thixotropic agents has been a monopoly in Japan, the United States and other foreign country.Our Company performs technical cooperation with Korea DEK Co., Ltd. in July 2007 in this field by Dr. Chen Xing and DEK’s Lee wins (sound) Chief .June 2008 was a breakthrough, successful implementation of a cost-effective synthesis, making small-scale, pilot-sale and industrial production in our production base. Application in the paint ans ink production enterprises indicates that performance ofproducts achieved even exceeded the level of foreign similar products with high performance-price ratio Currently ,we have established an annual output of 500 tons of polyamide anti-setting, thickening and thixatrope in Taiyuan high-tech development of zone,including MT PLUS,MT ST,Flu600,MT6900-20X,MT6900-30X etc.In addition to some of the products are exported to Korea, remaining will be used exclusively for domestic sales. We believe that the independent production of the product will bring more business opportunities for the domestic paint& ink industry and other fields.

    NOTE: This proprietary technology owns by our company and DEK Corporation, without our written authorization, it couldn’t be used commercially by any company.We reserves the right of continuous improvement.
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