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Introduction of Methanedisulfonic Series products

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Methanedisulfonic Series products:
    ●Methanedisulfonic Acid CH2 (SO3H) 2 and its salts are widely used as important fine chemicals.
    ●Methanedisulfonic Acid,Disodium Salt can be used in electroplating, electrochemical polishing fields as additive,
    ●As a main additive in hard chrome plating process,it can avoid anode corrosion and abtain bright and hard chrome coating.
    ●Methanedisulfonic acid, Dipotassium Salt can be used as additives for bright copper electrodeposition
    ●Methanedisulfonic Acid is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.As pharmaceutical intermediates,it can form chelate complex with aluminum and other metal,and used as astringent, soothing agent, anti-perspirant
    ●Methanedisulfonic Acid, as a catalyst for organic reactions, can accelerate the alkylation of phenol and alcohol, ring condensation of olefin, the low degree of polymerization of the donor and methyl carbamate, condensation of methyl alkoxy and ethylene, as well as cellulose acetylation
     We introduced the world’s leading synthesis technology from CASCHEMA company, producing methyl (ethyl) disulfonate and their salts by continuous sulfonation under high-pressure with fewer by-products, higher purity and larger scale. We supplied 65.4 tons qualified products for CASCHEMA company in 2006.
     May in 2007,we completed and started a second production line.It plans to produce 300 tons of methanedisulfonic acid and therie salts .In addition to supply 80 tons products for partner CASCHEMA, the remaining products will be on the market.
     We will adopt the most advanced production technology, the most favorable price, to provide you with the highest quality products!

     High-pressure reaction tube continuous sulfonation tecnology for methanedisulfonic acid is CASCHEMA’s proprietary technology, we are the authorized user of this technology.Our company reserves the right to improvement, improved technology part is proprietary by us.
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