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Flu600 Rheological Additive
   Flu600, is a very fine particle additive with high thixotropy. It can be used to make paints, printing inks and coatings with excellent thixotropic property and achieve the thickening effect.
  Modified polyamide compounds
3、Typical Physical Data

color white power
Effective Content 99-100%
Particle Size(μm) 100%<15μm
Melting Point(℃) 138-140℃
Density(g/cm3) 0.98g/cm3
  1、 Easy to disperse
  2.Excellent anti-sagging thixotropic properties.Flu600 can guarantee that oil paint has a strong thixotropic property, which can guarantee that paint has a strong thixotropic property, which can effectively prevent the thick coating layer flow on the perpendicular surface   3.Excellent leveling properties
  4.Anti-setting properties,it can significantly reduce the precipitation of pigments
  5.It can be used in a variety of solvent systems
   Flu600 can apply to most of solvent-based or non-aqueous coating systems. Main applications based on the following resin-based material of the primers, fillers and finish
alkyd resin acrylic resin polyurethane asphalt/ epoxy
tar / asphalt chlorinated Rubber epoxy resin unsaturated polyester
thermosetting melamine resin epoxy / polyamide resin acrylic / polyurethane
It can also be a high level of aluminum and zinc primer, prevent sedimentation, ensuring a good brushing property.
6、Levels Of Use And Incorporation

  Levels Of Use: 0.2-2.0% of total system weight(Detailed technical information, please request to our sales staff.)
  Incorporation :Flu 600 can be incorporated at any stage of paint production. Recommended adding at dispersing phase of pigments:
 ?。?)Sufficient shear force to ensure uniform dispersion
 ?。?)A certain degree of activation temperature (40℃-60℃)
  We recommend the use of shear force with a strong high-speed grinding machine or sanding machine.Enable to disperse the heat generated in the process to achieve the activation temperature, to achieve the activation temperature in the system, the diversion of time should be less than 30 minutes
  If using dispertion equipment with heating function, speed at 1000-3000 r/ min, dispersion time should less than 30 minutes when activation temperature is reached. If the high-speed dispersion machine does not have heating function, you need to extend the dispertion time to make system temperature increase due to friction, in order to achieve the activation temperature, speed at 1000-3000 r/ min
  15kg/ kraft paper bag

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